Wednesday, May 14, 2003

The nimrods weekend at Hay-on-Wye passed off successfully, with no-one getting murdered (although William came pretty close). Things that surprised me about our weekend away together:
    Everyone turned up. I was expecting one or two last minute dropouts from unreliable people.

    Dave was drunk within about one and a half hours of arriving.

    You can't get take-away food in Hay on a Sunday.

    I didn't win a single game. Not one.

    Hay-on-Wye has a game shop.

    John turned up in a brand-new Mercedes.

    Walking was popular - I had plenty of takers for long walks on both Saturday and Sunday.

    Tikal ended with an argument.
Things that didn't surprise me:
    Nick consumed an unfeasible quantity of booze and fags.

    Nick spent large amounts of money on books about coins and archaeology.

    Before we left Dave stripped the fridge of leftover food and drink to take home with him.

    I ended up doing all the washing up.

    No-one wanted to play The Napoleonic Wars.

    Everyone wanted to play Liar Dice variants.

    Kill Doctor Lucky ended with an argument.
All things considered it seemed to be a successful weekend. The bookshops and the countryside both provided welcome relief from the gaming tables. People were already talking about when we could do it again, so I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I think I did too.

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