Thursday, November 13, 2003

Trying to maintain the illusion that my life revolves around games, perhaps I should describe a great game of Euphrat & Tigris I had with Simon last Sunday. This classic comes up fresh every time, there's always a different flavour to each game, and it is just as much fun two-player as multi-player. Last Sunday my plan was to dig in on the edge of the board and build a little monopoly for myself. Simon immediately discerned my intentions and completely disrupted them with a constant stream of internal conficts. He also built three, yes three, monuments and generally had the initiative for the first half of the game. By the time I had got things under control and started to produce a decent income it was too late. Final score was 14/10. Simon is developing a very aggressive style of play which makes for quick, violent games with lots of exciting swings of fortune!

More gaming is planned tonight: Wilderness War against Dave, who hasn't killed me yet, but then tonight will be his first opportunity to do so in person since the infamous poll. Scary....

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