Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Well it's one thing to be stood up by a woman - you get used to that - but it's another thing to be stood up by your own flesh and blood. I was supposed to be introducing Gavin to Ceroc at the club in Clapham last night, but he got an attack of the vapours at the last moment, so I ended up going on my own. It was a good evening though, a friendly bunch of people, and enough dancers worse than me so that I felt comfortable.

I've woken up with a fresh cold this morning, and decided to take a sick day. It's well over a year since my last sickie. I am sneezing a lot - which would be unpleasant for my colleagues - and I feel ill - which is unpleasant for me! Now I need to muster the self-discipline to actually rest properly today, and not attempt to clean the house/put my administrative affairs in order/play games on BrettSpielWelt all day.

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