Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Last week in Austria was great fun. I actually think I am getting better at skiing. The conditions were quite difficult - icy in the morning, slushy after lunch - but I only fell over three times, a record for me. And I was taking the black runs with no problems at all. Most days I got up early and skipped breakfast so as to make the most of the morning - if I have to choose I prefer skiing on ice to slush. On two days I also made the 2-hour journey up to the Hintertux Glacier. At 3250m it was much colder up there and the snow in much better condition, so those were awesome days for both scenery and skiing. It was an Oak Hall trip so I was with a large group of Christians - which I realize might sound pretty dreadful to some of my readers - but for me it was a great friendly atmosphere and I made several new friends. I took Zendo along with me but only managed to lure people into a game once. Anyway the holiday was so busy that gaming was pretty low on my priority list, for once.


william said...

Looks cold. It is quite hot here but winter is coming so I doubt it will last.

Like the new look, didn't much like the black but I miss the cute dice.

William (Auckland)

Peter said...

Hi William, good to hear from you. Playing any boardgames down there?

Andrew said...

I've been to Tux skiing was alt of fun! And I'm going with Oak hall to Serbia this summer.