Sunday, August 21, 2005

Gavin visited for the weekend. My Mum was down too, so it was 3 generations together in one home. Gavin had read my earlier posting about playing 1825 and was desperate to have a go himself. I spent a happy 4 hours on Saturday afternoon fulfilling his wish. In spite of running the Caledonian Railway with frequent payouts and 90% of the shares, I still lost by a small margin (less than £200). Gavin demonstrated how powerful the minor companies can be - he used his NBR to prepare a route for that minor in the far north (I forget its name) so that as soon as it started it immediately had a lucrative route open to Glasgow. Because the intervals get larger as you approach the top end of the stock market track, if you pick a high initial share price and are able to declare a dividend every turn you get a handsome return on your investment. Great fun, I love this game.


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Random Fitty said...

What a handsome young chap.