Monday, August 29, 2005

Here I am at Greenbelt, posting from The Tank, all fired up to do some blogging after listening to Andrew Jones on the spirituality of blogging. This was a real highlight, delivering 10 memes on the subject that will keep me thinking for a long while.

Other Greenbelt highlights:
    The Other Window - first ever gig by this band whose various Tshirts - Ramones and Led Zeppelin - proclaimed their mission to fuse psychedelia with punk. Amazing lead guitarist. Really hope to hear more from them.

    The Proclaimers - barnstorming performance last night, they had the crowd roaring for more. I used to be a fan - had their first album - now I remember why.

    Enjoyed quite a bit of other loud Christian guitar rock from bands like Quench, Superhero and Tree63. But After the Fire were rubbish.

    Richard Rohr - a 3-hour seminar this morning on maleness and initiation. Really thought-provoking window-opening stuff.
I'm struggling with the fact that Greenbelt is nearly over already. I've been rushing about a little too much and not relaxing with friends quite enough. I'm only starting to slow down today. Another few days would be great. But sadly everyone goes home tomorrow.......


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Nick Bolton said...

Glad you liked The Other Window at Greenblet last year - you can keep up to date with things here on my website:

(I like board games too but rarely find any one with similar amounts of patience to play the more complex type)