Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Greenbelt is just 48 hours away now. Since I first attended in 2003, this Christian arts festival has become a major highlight of my year.

So I'm thinking - what games shall I take?

I don't like compartmentalizing my life, building walls between the different things that I do, the different stuff that enthuses me. So when I'm hanging out at Greenbelt with my post-evangelical friends, I'm still a boardgame geek too. And I'm still looking for opportunities to introduce folks to the hobby.

So what would be the characteristics of a "Greenbelt gateway game"?

1) Portable, so I can whip it out of my Timbuk2 bag in the Tiny Tea Tent at a moment's notice.

2) Doesn't take up much space, doesn't need a table - it may have to be played on nothing more than a camping mat sitting on damp grass.

3) Simple to teach - some of these people think Lord of the Rings is complex!

4) Appealing to the leftie Christian hippy peacenik types that Greenbelt attracts. Nothing with Panzers or nukes.

So I'm thinking - NanoFictionary (Looney Labs) or Bohnanza. Any other ideas anyone?

PS I'm really looking forward to The Spirituality of Blogging at Greenbelt on Monday.

PS Greenbelt are running some sort of blogging experiment this year which I don't really understand but which requires me to include this tag:

And another tag:

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