Tuesday, March 07, 2006

And the beer was good too...

I met up with Les at the pub last night for our regular Blue Moon confrontation. I just love this game! Les played the Mimix as usual - I sometimes wonder if less for their fighting skills, more to look at the pictures - and I took the Pillar. Never played them before. Lots of boosters, very few support cards. So it's strike early with big numbers rather than gradually building up a power base in your support area. We were using emissaries as well. It was a to-and-fro struggle ending in a draw - a first for us I think.

Next we revisited Fjords - which I like,maybe because I keep winning. Then Roma, which I usually lose. Maybe because of this, I wonder about this game - so much seems to depend on the Forum. But it's fun, tactical play, with involving card combinations, and only takes 20 minutes, so it's hard to dislike it.


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