Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Quick splurge

I got the opportunity to visit the Aldershot Game Shop after work yesterday, with money from recent eBay sales burning a hole in my pocket. I had my carefully worked out WishList on the Geek, and that said I "must have" Through the Desert, so I duly put that on the counter. But for my second purchase I found myself passing up my other "Must Have" Age of Steam and even "Love to Haves" like Power Grid, in favour of Settlers of the Stone Age, which just appealed to me on the day. I like the idea of the epic scope combined with Settlers-type simplicity. I think my choice made sense too in terms of balancing my collection, which is weighted in favour of wargames (Europe Engulfed, ASL Starter Kits)and gamer's games (Age of Empires, 1825) and doesn't have enough simple, short, newbie-friendly Euro games. I think yesterday's splurge choices started to redress that.



Iain said...

You will not regret it. It is my favourite version, after Seafarers.

hpcthulhu said...

I am not a big settlers fan but I do very much enjoy playing settlers of the stone age. I think you should go back however and get powergrid and age of steam soon :)

Keith Shapley said...

you can buy my Age of Steam for a knockdown price if you want