Friday, March 10, 2006

Blue Moon on the web

The Fantasy Flight website is pretty sketchy, hardly worth a visit.

But the Kosmos website is excellent, with lots of stuff (in English too): images of every card in the game, complete ruleset, material about the designer and the artists, and a forum (German language sadly).

There is a busy fansite, mostly in German, though it does include an English-language forum. It's worth checking out this thread for fan-designed cardsets.

At Blue Moon Liga you can play online using software called CardTable.

Chris Dearlove looks after an extensive FAQ.

On BoardGameGeek Brad Durandetta is promising us a deck-by-deck strategy guide. The first one, on the Hoax, is invaluable.

The Blue Moon deck database, a deck-building aid, is clunky - don't bother.

Some of the best reviews:

A long time ago Richard Huzzey reviewed the basic set very thoroughly on Games Journal.

Last month Joe Gola's magisterial review did what all the best reviews do - made me want to go and play it again immediately!

And a week later Shannon Appelcline did an insightful article analyzing Blue Moon in turn as an Auction game, a Resource Managament game, and a Card game.

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