Thursday, May 04, 2006

Offline living

I'm falling behind with my online life - huge numbers of unread posts in Bloglines, nothing posted on nimrods for a while, even less on Best of Boardgames, a stack of emails not replied to, I'm completely unaware of the latest flamewars on BoardGameGeek. I'm just losing touch.

Thing is, life offline is becoming so interesting these days - the sun is shining, summer is on the way, I've been out on the hill flying, or out in the country on long walks with Sue. I've been actually playing games (instead of just reading about them on BGG). My job is very busy and strangely enjoyable at the moment. I'm teaching Phil to drive, and preparing for a flying holiday in France next week. The way it's going, I just don't know when I will ever catch up with my online life again. Perhaps when winter arrives or the sun stops shining......


Mikko said...

Not a bad thing, really, is it? My suggestion: mark all the Bloglines messages unread, or prioritize them somehow.

I've got my general blogs in three categories, A, B and C. A's are the mustreads, but B and C can be marked read with little hesitation, if the time is short. Works wonders.

Iain said...