Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Only two weeks now until NimrodCon, the annual gathering of friends at Hay-on-Wye in the beautiful border country out West. Regular visitor (and close relative) Phil has suggested a strict one-game-per-person rule, to avoid the loss of sunlight we usually suffer because of piles of unplayable wargames that get stacked up on all the window-ledges downstairs in the cottage where we stay.

I think the legalistic one-game limit is unrealistic, but in the spirit of his suggestion I think I will attempt to prioritize my game carriage requirements this year.

Games I really really really want to play at Hay this year or I will burst:

Command and Colors Ancients
Settlers of the Stone Age

Games I really really want to play at Hay this year or I will get a headache:

Twilight Struggle
Struggle of Empires

Games I really want to play at Hay this year or I will feel mildly hard-done-by:

War of the Ring
Amun Re
Shadow of the Emperor
Age of Steam

There, only 10 games - I think Phil will be pretty impressed with that.....



Gavin said...
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Gavin said...

My jeu de choix might very well be a set of poker chips.

Phil said...

Well well well - Gaz has been censored! I'd love to know what he wrote...

I appreciate your efforts Dad. In the spirit of my radical reforms, I am tabling another motion. Seeing as you won't get a chance to play any of the games in the last group, make your peace with it now and leave them behind.

Gavin said...

It was deleted by me after I was horrified by my crap French grammar!