Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Ancients Scenarios

GMT have posted a new scenario booklet for Commands & Colors: Ancients. As well as the 3 bonus scenarios originally supplied with pre-orders only, it also has two brand-new scenarios: Bagradas and Great Plains. I tried them both solo at the weekend.

Bagradas was fairly evenly matched. The Carthaginian elephants advanced behind their cloud of skirmishers pushing into the Roman screen of light infantry, it was spectacular. Eventually the elephants broke through into the Roman line and did quite a bit of damage. The clincher was a Carthaginian Double-Time card which brought the phalanx into contact with the Romans and won the battle. Carthage 7, Rome 3.

Great Plains seems less balanced. It's hard to see how the Carthaginians could win this one - they are outnumbered and they only have 4 cards to the Romans' 6. They made the most of the slingers' longer range as the battle opened, but pressure from Roman cavalry on the Carthaginian right, plus the relentless grind of the Roman line in the centre, wore them down. Hasdrubal was killed in combat, and their centre dissolved for a convincing Roman victory. Rome 6, Carthage 4.

Ancients is very enjoyable solo when opponents are in short supply. I remove the Strike First and Counter-Attack cards, and don't look at the new card drawn until that side's turn comes round again. I even have a chair on each side of the table - it makes for a lot of getting up and walking around, but it helps me put myself in the shoes of the side whose turn I am taking at the moment.

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