Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Yes to Blogs, No to Consimworld?

Days of Wonder are using a blog to keep us informed about their new Commands and Colors game BattleLore. This is a great idea - fans can add their comments, but the rest of us don't have to read them if we don't want to. Unlike many of the forums on ConsimWorld, the interesting stuff from the design team is not drowned out by a stream of chatter and bitching from the gaming "community".

I gave up reading the GMT Games forum on Consimworld a couple of years ago because of the extremely low signal to noise ratio. I had to wade through so much rubbish - baseball chatter, whining, flamewars, Richard Berg insulting people, dumb suggestions for new games - just to get the latest news from GMT. But I miss a sense of connection with what is going on at GMT. I wish they would just give up Consimworld as a bad job, and start a company blog instead.

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Chris Farrell said...

Yeah, some of the company forums on CSW are insane. GMT used to use CSW exclusively to get information to customers, and usually by the time I found what I was looking for I would be pretty agitated from looking through all the garbage just to find out what the shipping status on one game they originally said would be out last month was. It was really, really not a good policy.

Fortunately GMT now does post more reliably to their website, so I never have to go to the CSW forum. But I wish more companies would do a blog format. Something somewhere between GMT's sometimes terse updates and FFG's impenetrable staff rants.