Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I had another great pub session last night with Les in The Plume of Feathers. We managed to bag two tables which gave us plenty of room to set up Blue Moon City. First time we've played it 2-player: it worked really well, a very tense race which was neck-and-neck all the way to the finish. I got my final offering in just a turn ahead of Les, it couldn't have been any closer. We also had time for two rounds of Roma - I won both of these as well! Poor Les, he was very gracious about it.

Our previous pub session - a couple of weeks ago in The Fox - saw us playing Carcassone the City. By a strange coincidence the couple at the next table were huge Carcassone fans! Not boardgames generally, just Carcassone, so it was one-in-a-million that we happened to be playing Carcassone and not some other game that evening. Needless to say we have arranged to meet them soon for another Carcassone session, also hoping to draw them into the wider world of Eurogames......

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