Thursday, March 15, 2007

Three personal firsts

1) First time ever in a political demo: yesterday evening I joined Sue in Parliament Square for the CND rally against the Trident replacement. Worryingly, I also bought a brown corduroy jacket from Oxfam the other day. Am I turning into a leftie?

2) First time this season in the air: I just got back from a glorious afternoon paragliding at Butser Hill. I can still fly! It wasn't just a crazy dream.

3) First time for 30 years I've been offered a place at university: today I was notified that my application to do a Masters in Neuroscience at Kings was successful. Scary stuff - now the ball is firmly in my court.


Kieran said...

I can't get my head around this nuclear deterrent business and spending so much money on something that in all liklihood will never be used. Its not as if they're any use against your run of the mill suicide bomber.

If its just the threat of using them that is so important why not just knock up some expensive looking replicas made from polystyrene? Show them off a bit...the enemy will never know!

This has loads of benifits as far as I can tell:

1. Save a shed load of money
2. Small carbon footprint
3. Reuse them
4. And no one would die...except through laughter in the event we actually had to launch one.

Peter said...

I think that's a brilliant idea Kez!