Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nuptial games

My wedding to Sue is rapidly approaching. Rather than paying out thousands of pounds to caterers etc we are going for a more DIY approach, which has its stresses let me tell you - as we tactfully approach lots of friends with requests to bring a pudding, reorganise tables, or reheat curries for us. Oh well. At least everyone will feel involved. FULLY involved!

I can confirm that there WILL be a games session at this wedding. My lovely wife-to-be suggested this! It will happen in the interlude between eating the cake and the evening entertainments. About an hour and a half is scheduled for this (or other chillout activities, such as a walk in the woods), which allows time for a quick game of Ticket to Ride or Settlers - ideal relaxation after the stress of the speeches! Any other suggestions anyone for a good wedding-day game?


Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

I'd suggest Punk Sucht Lady (a Kramer game about match-making) though I would warn you that a few of the cards are PG-rated.

I'd also suggest Basari, which SEEMS theme-less... but I had a friend explain it to me as "young suitors trying to impress a wealthy merchant to give them his beautiful daughter in marriage:
- dice rolling = showing physical prowess by running around the marketplace
- collecting gems = showing business savvy
- taking VPs = showing your renown & good connections in the community

Whatever game you choose, may the two of you have a ridiculously happy day & a life filled with the love of Christ & each other.

Peter said...

Thanks Mark! That's kind.

You don't fancy making a curry for us do you? (Only kidding!)

Jack said...

Any gateway games would be ideal - e.g. Carcassonne, Lost Cities, Niagara. Nice quick games would be ideal.



Smithore said...

Congrats Peter! I just got married last month. Take some time to slow down and enjoy the day. It goes by as fast as everyone says. It's good to spend time talking to all the friends and family, but make sure to take a timeout and just reflect for a bit.

Peter said...

That's good advice, I will try to take it.

William said...

Firstly congratulations Peter, I hope you have a really good day.

Thinking about what games to play though made me thing that you could play all of those games you need loads of people for. I'd love to play Bitin' Off Hedz with 8 people to see if it is any better but when do you ever have 8 people? When else are you going to have 10 people for a really good Formula Dé race?

Of course if you want to be really ambitious, each box of Wings of War plays 4 people and you could combine a few sets to have a really brutal battle. How many guests are you having? Then again maybe war games and weddings might not mix.

Whatever you decide have a great day.