Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You're one of Us now

My younger son Phil is 25 years old now. He has been initiated into many kinds of wargame: Axis & Allies, Up Front, Paths of Glory, Space Hulk......

But only last Sunday did he experience a classic hex-and-counter operational wargame of the Grand Tradition for the first time, with zones of control, terrain effect chart, combat resolution table, and all.

Clash of Giants II. 1st Ypres scenario.

Classic indeed. We had a great time. This is a beautiful game, full of tension, decision-angst, and historical interest. Didn't finish, but I recorded the positions and we plan to finish the encounter ASAP.

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Phil said...

The thing I liked most about it is the balancing act you have to perform: do you defend, do you attack, do you concentrate on a short section of line, do you try to spread yourself evenly, do you use the finite but awesome resource of British troops to attack (risky) or defend (letting the Germans off the hook)...it's constant torture trying to pick the right strategy and stick to it.