Thursday, May 17, 2001

Eight reasons why nimrods make great husbands

Girls, here’s why the man you are looking for may be a nimrod:

    The average nimrod is intelligent but not very ambitious. So if you are looking for a modestly prosperous civil-servant who doesn’t work late, look for a nimrod.

    Nimrods are not interested in DIY, so they will not make your evenings and weekends a misery by mucking about with a hammer drill and putting up wonky shelving all around your home.

    OK, nimrods are avid collectors of games, but even a serious habit is unlikely to cost more than £300 - £400 a year. Compare that with a bloke who loves cars.

    The average nimrod has experienced 20-30 years of lonely sexual frustration before he meets the right woman (or any woman actually). So when he finally arrives in your bed he will be like a tiger unleashed!

    Nimrods love Scalextric, Lego, toy soldiers, and computer games. So they make great Dads (unless you have girls).

    If your nimrod partner packs his bags and goes away for the weekend looking furtive, you can be 100% certain he is in Birmingham at a Diplomacy tournament, not in Brighton with a mistress.

    A nimrod has no interest in his clothes, hair, or image, so you have a free hand to redesign his personal appearance to suit yourself. He won’t even be aware that you are doing it.

    When he stays at home watching videos while you have a girls’ night out with your friends, he’ll be watching “The World at War” not porn.

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