Thursday, May 24, 2001

I've been reading through old Consimworld postings about Paths of Glory and found two gems. The first is from Ted Raicer, and Dave (the OPS junky) would do well to read it:

First, a couple of general points-NEVER resign from PoG. If the other player can get an automatic victory, fine-he wins. But make him prove it by doing it. This is a game where sudden reversals of fortune are common, and being behind-even seemingly far behind-doesn't mean it isn't going to be your victory parade in 1919.

Second-while OPS are the lifeblood, all those other choices are there for a reason. Don't assume OPS is always the first choice-especially if OPS is all the other guy has been playing-creative use of SR or the play of RPs can make a big difference.

Corps have several uses (besides sitting in the Reserve box keeping your armies from going away forever). First, to reinforce an army on attack (to increase the chances of taking a hex by getting a higher LP) or defense (to increase the chance of holding a hex, either by inflicting higher LP or giving you more steps to lose). Either way your attrition will go up-so the advantage of corps/army combinations is in taking or holding spaces at the cost of more dead bodies.

Second, corps can SR around like mad, plugging holes that would otherwise be unplugged. And they can sea move,

And finally, corps are sometimes all you have to work with. (See the Near East.) But three Turk corps in a mountain space will stop the MEF (as long as you have more corps ready to replace the dead.) Plus the Kemal card will make those corps an army for a battle-and the MEF once reduced can never advance after combat. Corps combined with trenches mountain and fort can usually hold Trent and Trieste (vs. Italians anyway). So corps can stand up to SOME armies under the right circumstances.

The second is useful for sad and lonely people like me - it's from Gene Billingsley about solo play:

I've been playing POG solo today, and had a lot of fun with this method:

1. I let the CP choose Guns of August if they want, then draw card hands for each side.

2. I draw the cards WITHOUT ever looking at the hands. I must play the cards in the order they are drawn.

3. If I draw a CC or Reinf card, I have a 1-card (no more) Hold Pile where I can save the CC to be played later in the turn or the Reinf card to keep in my hand until next turn.

Naturally, what happens is that you end up in situations you'd RARELY be in with a FTF player, which is weird in a way, but in another way, I think it's helped me a lot with learning game techniques quicker than I would FTF.

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