Friday, May 11, 2001

Last weekend, as well as losing World War 1 a couple of times, I sang with Basingstoke Choral Society on Radio 2 - "Friday Night is Music Night"! It was a hugely enjoyable evening, and our 4 numbers (Handel Hallelujah Chorus, Faure Sanctus, Mozart Ave Verum and Puccini Nessun Dorma) went down very well, especially the last one. And we made a good impression on the BBC Concert Orchestra, who apparently want to work with us again. Wow! Stardom beckons!

I've been hunting around the web a lot for information on viruses, worms and trojans ( reasons). So much of the information assumes a fairly technical level of knowledge , but I was very impressed with the summary on the Sophos website. I should think anyone with even a passing interest in computers would find it illuminating.

This week I registered to give this weblog a stronger identity. It also gives me an obscure and slightly worrying sense of satisfaction.

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