Tuesday, May 15, 2001

More from James on his obsessive feelings about Paths of Glory:

Alright, I will admit that Paths of Glory is one of those games that has got to me. I think about it when I am not playing it, and when playing it find myself tense awaiting the next move. I played Dave again at the weekend, we played for five hours and got to turn 5 of the 20.

Dave conceded so I was able to rack up a rare win for me in a war game. My victory was after a disastrous Warsaw Waltz (you will know what I mean, whilst Nick laughs at all the move descriptions in the game) for both of us in the East which Dave concentrated on mostly, whilst I attended to reinforcements on the Western front. I lost three armies to out of supply in Russia but reached Limited War before Dave and when I brought Italy into the war Southern Austria and Germany were open to me whilst Dave could not risk pulling armies out of France.

Turkey did not enter the game as Dave did not reach Limited War at all and therefore I am still to fight my first battle in the near East.

Thanks James. Hmm - five hours is a bit disappointing for only five turns. I've read players on Consimworld reporting 8-10 hours for the whole game. Of course, I know what Dave is like when he gets the bit between his teeth - he really wants to win and he's jolly well going to think his move out thoroughly!

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