Monday, June 25, 2001

After last week's panic attack, my concert on Saturday night went very well. Katya Apekisheva and the New London Sinfonia gave a stunning, passionate performance of Ravel's Piano Concerto. Then after the interval it was our turn to sing the Faure Requiem. The rehearsal with the orchestra in the afternoon had gone quite well and I had spent an hour in the afternoon sunshine going over the score one last time - so I was feeling reasonably confident when we stood up. It is unnerving singing without the score, but it does mean you can give your full attention to the conductor. And David Gibson was putting everything into it - his passion and musicianship were inspiring. I think it went OK, and Simon who was in the audience said it was very moving, and that the people around him seemed to have enjoyed it too.

And now it's done, the applause is over, I have put the score away (though I still catch myself practising the music in my head). Life seems slightly empty without this big challenge to work towards. I'm looking forward to starting on the next one - Brahms Requiem in November.

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