Monday, June 11, 2001

I don't know how many more Paths of Glory game reports this website will bear. Not exactly broadening our global appeal are we? But I must just tell you about a game I had with James yesterday afternoon. I was the Central Powers, and although I got soundly beaten, it was a very enjoyable wargaming experience - lots of tension, difficult decisions, setbacks, revivals of fortune, heroic defenses, overseas adventures.

Now James is a really nice guy...... but he is totally ruthless when it comes to exploiting the out-of-supply rules. You know, I've browsed the Consimworld postings, I've read the Player Guide articles, I've thought about the game and even played it a couple of times. But there's no substitute for experience, and in PoG terms I'm still a raw novice, as James demonstrated by putting about 4 of my armies out of the war in a devastating 6th-round encirclement. Then a few turns later I let him do it to me again!

This game is very chess-like, and as when learning chess, you have to develop the habit of scanning the board every turn for threats. Just hoping for the best isn't good enough. And don't be distracted - James deliberately did this to me with a big attack on Strasbourg just to pull my attention away from what he was about to do to me in the East. Nasty man!

We wrapped it up after about 7 hours at the end of turn 9, having finished the Limited War scenario, with me on 7 VPs when I needed 17 to win. Enough said! Excellent afternoon's gaming - thanks James.

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