Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Barbarossa to Berlin - Post match report from Phil:

It was a bright April day when my father and myself decided to engage in a game of Barbarossa to Berlin. In keeping with household tradition I took the Germans, and father the Allies, or more specifically the Russians. It's a very good game for the lightweight gamer such as myself, as the system is rather a beauty to pick up easily. I decided to play the Von Paulus pause card at the start and hope that the Winter advantage would bring me a rapid advance. Sadly, such an advance did not go as planned. I gained victories in the south, only to be resisted in the north. The victories I did gain were too small due to rubbish die rolling on my part. Then the killer blow, Dad won massive gains in North Africa (which I had chosen to ignore as I hate Italians - not in a racist way, in a cute way) which slammed down my victory points. Then in his usual style he pulls out a card and rule which I have no forewarning of, to reduce my VP's to just 1. I was pretty desperate to push on in the East to try and regain VP's, but one more crappy die roll later and a Russian counterattack rolled into Kiev in round six of turn 5 effectively ending the game.

It was great fun, and much better than the first world war one, whose name escapes me. I want to play again, and this time there will be no mercy. Oh, and I can still whup him at Up-Front, which is by far the best and hardest game in the world.

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