Monday, April 14, 2003

William has been playing games over the weekend:
I had a couple of people over last night and won only one of the 4 games of kill Dr. Lucky (and none of the many games of Bogart or Perudo) we played. Maybe it was your hosting curse come to haunt me? No, it can't be as I won at 10 die poker in 2 out of 3 games (3 games = how long it took us to realise we didn't like it). And then I triumphed at Linie 1 despite having to use a massive loop to reach my 2nd station. I had forgotten how good Dr. Lucky was, we played using Cluedo pieces which I think worked really well. The first game took ages and my Miss Scarlet failed in two attempts to do the
old boy in in the Master Suite using nothing more than a feather pillow and again he survived her attempt with the Civil War Cannon in the Armoury and Revolver in the White Room until he was taken out by Col. Mustard with a Big Red Hammer in the Piazza of all places. The second game finished after about only one loop of the house when Mrs Peacock showed him the (8 point) Monkey Hand in the Foyer. (I never knew she had it in her!) I cought up though in the next game when he was tempted in the Dining Room with Bad Cream. By the last game we played my opponents were better players and Mrs Peacock had worked out how to use the Civil War Cannon in the Armoury and he didn't last more than a couple of laps of the house.
I like Kill Dr Lucky - don't forget to bring it to Hay-on-Wye William.

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