Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Last Saturday I had a great afternoon playing Nick at The Napoleonic Wars. We played the 1812 scenario, with Nick as the French. I had some lucky rolls, especially on the Spanish partisans, which allowed me to clear most of Spain before Wellington marched over the Pyrenees into France only to get killed in battle. Nick's invasion army only reached Smolensk, severely punished on the journey by the Russian Winter (what a powerful card!), but he did manage to capture St Petersburg. In the end there was a margin of only 2 keys, but I just scraped a victory.

I can't understand why this game didn't get a better reception from the rest of you. With Dave it was "I don't see how the French can win" or "I don't see how the French can lose" depending on which side he was playing. And with John it was "But you can't recreate the movements of the 5th Pomeranian Hussars on 12th October 1813". And it wasn't fluffy enough for William. I think I will take it along to Hay and see if I can convince you lot to give it another chance.....

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