Wednesday, August 27, 2003

And James (the nicest man in the world) has kindly provided an AAR for our recent Hammer of the Scots contest:

Sat down to play Peter after a gap of 18 months from our last game together (Wilderness Wars and Lost Cities I think). We had conversed by e mail and Peter suggested Hammer of the Scots, I have got Wizard Wars from the Block Game series and have never thought much of it but I got the rules from the Internet and the game looked great. Reading the rules beforehand meant we could get on and play quickly, many games have rules online and I will now always make a point of reading them beforehand rather than put my opponent through a pre game rules discussion.

I took the English and in the first two turns took most of the Southern areas while Wallace converted the North to Scottish Rule very quickly. In the first few turns I drew very few infantry but any I did draw I moved North and overwintered, in the first three turns I drew the Hobelars and used them to fight Scottish Southerly probes, destroying the Vikings in one of these Skirmishes It was not until turn 4 until I drew the King and moved him to Scone (with six units) where on the third card play of the turn we both played events thereby ending the turn early much to my horror. In the following turn I therefore pushed really hard before the king went home and there were a series of massive engagements in the Scottish Highlands. The final battle of the turn saw Wallace (and two lords) win and my forces retreat due to three combat rounds being played, I then play pillage into Wallace's space and as he is the only non-noble he takes the step losses and dies. At this stage we have played for three hours and I head off home and Peter records the positions. I feel good at Destroying Wallace but have no infantry up in the North the race is now on for me to march North before Peter can recuperate, I still hold Scone so hope not to see a Scottish King in the next few turns.

What a great game, I now wish to try more Block Games, I will definitely purchase this. It has proved to me there are good games beyond ASL. Look forward to next time.

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