Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Daniel Karp on Spielfrieks reviews Zendo, the new Icehouse game from Looney Labs:

The game is quite excellent right out of the box, assuming you like the sort of reasoning it demands. And speaking of the box, I have to give credit to the people at Looney Labs for recognizing that this game deserved it's own boxed version. I never would have noticed it had it not come out in this form. Zendo is, I think, the Icehouse 'killer app', that is, the one game that makes it worth buying the whole set, whether or not you ever used it for anything else. The sense that I get as a player when the rule finally clicks for me, and I realize what common characteristic all of the 'correct' koans share, is unlike anything I have found in any other game.

(via Terminal City Gamers)

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