Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Andy Mallory, a founder nimrod but now sadly defunct, is selling off some wargaming stuff:

Well - the time has come to sell of all most of my collection. It has been languishing in lofts for so long now and as I am leaving the UK I want to sell what I can.

An announcement on Nimrods would be appreciated together with my e-mail. John once expressed an interest in some of it, so he may like to know it's up for offers.

I have the following stuff to go....
    Lots of 1/300th terrain. Scratchbuilt houses, trees etc.

    2 nice green felt cloths - 1 6'x4', 1 6'x6'

    My 'system' of 1/4" cork tiles that can be used to produce contours.

    Loads of late 80s vintage modern micro-armour and infantry. US and Soviet.

    Even more WW2. British, Russians, Germans.

    Many other bits and pieces that could probably be sold at a Bring and Buy.

    Only 1 intersting board game - Scratch one Flat Top from 3W.

    Much out of print ASL stuff is also for sale.

All this stuff needs to be collected/posted from Exeter before the end of September.

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