Friday, August 15, 2003

I had another enjoyable game of Euphrat & Tigris with Simon, Dave and Steve on Wednesday evening - two games in fact! This is one of the benefits of playing the same game repeatedly, you don't waste time explaining the rules to everyone, and the players are more confident about choosing their moves, so the game whizzes along nicely. And of course more aggressive play in E&T shortens the game. We started play after 8pm and finished the second game at about 10:30pm. A few weeks ago we would have barely completed one game in that time. Simon and I got completely stuffed in the first one, scoring 1 and 2 to Dave's 9. In the second game I shamelessly copied Dave's tactics from the first (early monument, try for a monopoly kingdom, don't save catastrophes for a rainy day) and just beat him on a tie-breaker with 10 points each.

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