Friday, January 28, 2005

I've been on a course this week (about planning Microsoft networks) at a company called Azlan, which was clearly started by a C S Lewis enthusiast. The classroms are named Octesian, Mavramorn, Restimar, Dawntreader, Cair Paravel etc. Romantic names for slightly soulless rooms where workaday stuff like authentication, remote access, encryption and routing protocols get discussed.

The canteen is not at all your average corporate food outlet. They don't seem to have been outsourced to some faceless catering giant for a start. It is staffed entirely by chubby middle-aged women with big smiles. The food is like your mum used to make. Every break time there is a big plate of freshly baked cakes or pastries or biscuits available, different every time as well. I've been holding out for days, eating the salad at lunchtime and taking fruit for the breaks (chubby middle-aged ladies don't really do fruit) but today I've caved in. I'm sampling all the tray-bakes, and I had fish, chips and mushy peas for lunch. I feel like I'm a schoolboy again.....

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