Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Phil came over for a visit last weekend. After a classic walk on the Sussex Downs on Saturday, we sat down in the evening to play the Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit, scenario S5 - Clearing Colleville. Phil as always played the Americans (indulging his "Band of Brothers" complex). The Americans have overwhelming superiority of numbers in this scenario, and Phil quickly assembled a big fire-group of 24 factors which made a short work of some of my key squads on the outskirts of the town. However they only have 5 turns to clear the town, and I was lucky with some of my rally rolls, and also got my own fire group working on his forward squads, while Phil was consistently unluck with is rally rolls. In the end 5 turns was no-where near enough.

Once again ASLSK proved to be an accessible and fun intro to the ASL world, with a compelling feeling of realism that gets you imaginatively involved with the game. Looking forward to Starter Kit #2.

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