Monday, January 31, 2005

Well I just got burned by an Internet scam. I have always prided myself on being too clever for this sort of thing, but I fell for it today. I received an email from EBay (apparently) which started:

In an effort to protect your eBay account security, we have suspended your account until such time that it can be safely restored to you. We have taken this action because your password may have been compromised. Although we cannot disclose our investigative procedures that led to this conclusion, please know that we took this action in order to maintain the safety of your account.

Then it gave me a list of alleged security breaches and asked me to follow a link to EBay where I would reconfirm my account details. I actually got as far as entering my credit card number and security code before I noticed the lack of a padlock at the bottom of the browser. Looked up to the address bar and saw I wasn't at EBay at all - I was at Damn! Just glad I am not so thick that I didn't notice in time to cancel the card before any harm was done. But I still feel stupid......

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