Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Do we need an aggregator blog?

Forgive me for mentioning this, but Best of Boardgames is looking a bit weak these days. Just 3 postings in the last week, and none of those linking to blogs as such. Have there really been no interesting game blog entries in the last week? What about Joe Gola's inspirational Blue Moon review for a start? Or Iain's exhausting 1944 experiences in the Ardennes ? Or DW Tripp's hilarious if sexist exposé of gamers who daren't take their games home?

I don't know if there is even any need for an aggregator blog - I've got my own window on this world and it's called Bloglines. But if we are to have one, it needs to be regular, informative, and opinionated!


1 comment:

Iain said...

Fair point, but I wrote one of them, so I can hardly recommend myself... :o)

As for DW, we can't have *every* one of his posts recommended.