Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Feel your hate Luke. Give in to it.

None of my local gaming buddies play wargames - they are all confessed Euro purists. As part of my evil plan to corrupt them all and turn them from peaceful clear-eyed Euro players into slavering blood-crazed wargamers, I invited Keith round last night to teach him Memoir 44. We played scenario 9 "Operation Lettuce", and Keith took the Germans, with several units of elite SS Panzers and PzGrenadiers to play with. In spite of being a complete beginner at not only Memoir 44, but also the noble arts of war in general, he picked up the idea very quickly, and within half an hour his fanatical warriors were stomping all over my defenders on Hill 317. It was a tough, hard-fought struggle. At one point I briefly retook the hill, only to be thrown off again by Keith's tanks almost immediately. The outcome was inevitable.

But Keith, you may have won the battle, but now you belong to the dark side................



Keith Shapley said...

Paraphrasing Steve Redgrave, if anyone sees me playing a wargame which lasts more than 90 mins they have permission to shoot me

Peter said...

90 mins, that's progress Keith. Give me a couple of years and I'll have you playing all-weekend monsters like "Europe Engulfed"!