Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More ludangelism (is that even a word?)

My "project" non-gamers Linda and Balazs visited on Saturday. After a long walk around the Devil's Punchbowl they sat down with me and Sue to a game of Ra, one of my absolute favourites. The result was a surprise - Linda and Balazs both struggled to score any points at all in the first two epochs, whereas Sue played really well, and seemed very much at home with the kind of thinking the game requires. In the end, I just stole the win from her by a single point.

Here's a photo of Balazs and Sue after the game with big smiles - they seem to have enjoyed themselves.

Sue has seemed uneasy with games that involve manoevering around a map in some way - like Settlers or Yinsh or Carcassone. She seemed a lot happier with Ra which demands a different kind of reasoning - assessing the value of items, anticipating other people's reactions to bidding opportunities, judging when to call an auction or not. Verbal rather than visual reasoning? The question is what other games might you suggest that would appeal to Sue's strengths and possibly suck her further into the evil vortex of our hobby? Lost Cities springs to mind, 6 Nimmt! perhaps, Die Macher even (though she is averse to long games too!)



Gavin said...

Scrabble: always a winner with the ladies.

Peter said...

Shouldn't you be at work?

Gavin said...

I should say, shouldn't YOU be at work too? I work shifts, which means sometimes I have weekdays off.