Friday, February 17, 2006

Losing and loving it

Another gaming session at Keith's last night. First up was Ra. Fresh from my victory on Saturday I was feeling confident, and splashed out early on some unwise purchases that left me with only 1, 2 and 8 to spend in the second epoch. I fear I became a bit of a nuisance calling RA every round trying to get a bargain with my 1. In the end Trevor romped home with 60 points leaving the rest of us clustered in the 30-somethings. On reflection I blame Keith's multi-coloured player "aids" printed out from BGG for my poor showing - all that visual noise distracted my normally razor-sharp position-evaluation skills.

Next I set up Oltremare, which my Mum gave me at Christmas - the original version with the tiny map and slightly fiddly counters. The game seemed a bit daunting during my explanation of the rules, but after a couple of rounds the turns were flowing very smoothly. It's a fun, interesting game that we completed in just over an hour. Les scraped a victory and I came in a poor third. I like the way you have to balance the different elements - the puzzle of which cards to play in which order, planning ahead for next turn, minimizing pirate hits, negotiating good trades and travelling the map looking for the optimal special power. Clever, slick and enjoyable.


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