Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Black is the New White

Pricerunner says that a white 30Gb iPod will cost you £150, whereas a black 30Gb iPod (identical spec) will cost you £180.

That says one thing to me - no-one wants white Apple stuff any more.

In the meantime, I am laboriously ripping my CD collection. The rule of deferred gratification says that only, repeat only when I have ripped ALL of my CD's, will I allow myself to buy myself an iPod.


Gavin said...

Everyone has an iPod.

Go with Sony - you won't regret it.

Chris Farrell said...

I love my iPod. Black, natch - but that was before there was a price differential (the new MacBook laptops also cost more for a black version with identical specs to a white one).

I like it even more now that I can watch The Daily Show on it (or plug it in to my TV). I don't get cable, so the new reasonably-priced subscription service for the one cable show I do watch is great. Plus, I can just watch it over lunch now; the screen may be small, but it's very crisp, and how big does The Daily Show really need to be? TiVo owners will probably be non-plussed, but for my use case (I watch very little TV), it's teriffic.

Clay said...

I hope your using iTunes to do the ripping, as it will automatically catalog everything for you. There's also a Yahoo widget (if you're using Windows) that will find the album art for you (99% of the time anyway).

Clay (happy iPod owner)