Friday, July 14, 2006

C&C Ancients - against a real person!

It all worked out just as I had planned......

I lured Phil over to my flat yesterday evening with the promise of interesting beer, and before he knew what had happened he was setting up his Romans on the field of Beneventum. I was hoping for some more aggression from Phil, but he mirrored my slow build up - a bit of cavalry and elephant action on my left wing while we both got our lines organised ready for "the moment". My "Darken the Skies" card did little more than introduce a brief slightly overcast spell, but I had the "Line Command" card available at just the right time. My warriors and heavies did terrible damage in that first impact. Nevertheless, there was chaos in the turns that followed and opportunity for Phil to get his magic 3 flags, that brought him up to 6 cards. But as I crept ahead again he made the mistake of trying to save the day with his light troops - threw them away in futile close combat against my weakened warriors and heavies, and handed me the battle prematurely.

Loved it. We both did. What a great wargame this is.



Phil said...

Totally agree - this is a classic game, made better with interesting beer. I'm definitely up for a re-match. Current score is 1 - 1.

There's a point to note here: although I'm taking nothing away from Dad's victory, I was in something of a rush to get home and therefore was more prone to recklessness than I might otherwise have been. And I had crap cards.

Still, it's one of the best games I've ever played, because it simulates big-battle decisions but doesn't take 9 hours to play, unlike bloody SPQR.

Peter said...

"Gather round men. The battle is going our way - you've all done very well indeed. The thing is, I have to go home now for my tea, but you all carry on fighting and I'm sure you will win the day!"