Thursday, July 27, 2006

Playing another new game tonight with the local group - Canal Mania. I love my gaming group to bits and wouldn't change them for the world, but sometimes I think they are a little.... erm.... flighty. Always trying the next thing, always learning a new game, only to play it once then move on to the next thing. Surely all this restless searching must have an objective - to find one of the truly great games that deserves repeated play and study?

And I am just as bad. I was in Covent Garden yesterday evening and just "popped into" The Orc's Nest. What a great little shop, with a nice selection of boardgames crammed into the shelves upstairs. It was so tempting to buy something - another new game, Louis XIV perhaps, or Warrior Knights, just to try it out. But I resisted - really, I have enough truly excellent games in my collection already. I just need to play them.

Another thought - perhaps this is why I am feeling drawn towards wargaming at the moment? The investment in terms of learning a new wargame is so much greater than for a Euro, that you have to get a few replays to make all that study worthwhile.



Christo said...


Did you get Canal Mania direct from the brothers? Was it delivered in a giant green photocopier box? Was it delivered to your work? Were you trundling it around Waterloo station on top of a small wheelie bag the day it was delivered (a couple of weeks ago)?

The reason I ask is that mine was delivered to work in said green box and on my way home I saw someone on the concourse at Waterloo with the exact same box (I had decanted mine) and I was about to accost the "victim" when my train arrived and obedient commuter that I am, I leapt onto my train instead!

At the time I thought it would have been an unlikely coincidence to meet a stranger carrying CanalMania - even more unlikley if it was someone whose blog I followed!

Iain said...

Did you get the usual friendly, welcoming customer service from Orc's Nest?


Peter said...

Hi Iain, I got the usual grunt which seems to be standard welcome in any game shop!

Hi Christo, no it was some other geek you saw at Waterloo. But we should meet up one day for a quick game of Dvonn in the concourse!

Susan said...

Oh, I know exactly what you are talking about. My group is the poster child for "flighty." My head feels like it's going to explode from trying to hold the rules for so many games! This has not, however, turned me towards wargames; I have the female stereotype to uphold. :-)

More importantly though, is did you like Canal Mania? My copy is still on the boat. I guess I'll have to be looking out for a big green box.