Wednesday, July 05, 2006


While I was in Austria waiting for a flyable day I bought Um Krone und Kragen (from a local kitchen shop!) and spent several happy hours attempting to decipher the rules and playing it through solo. When I got home I downloaded a translation and discovered to my amazement that I was getting it roughly right.

This is one of the most beautifully produced small-box games I have come across. The cards are stunning - gorgeous images on sturdy durable cardstock. "Yahtzee on steroids" is a fair summary of how it plays. It looks fascinating to me - a filler with depth and replayability - and I hope to introduce it to the local group as soon as I can (if they ever stop taking holidays and watching football that is!)



John said...

I was just curious about how much it was in Austria. I have a friend over in Germany right now and was thinking of having her pick up a game or two for me. This one peaks my interest and I was wondering if you might suggest picking up the German edition or waiting for a US version. Or is there another game that I should get from Germany because it is a better edition/ or is not in print in the states?

Peter said...

Hi John, I think UKUK was about 13 Euros in Austria, which was an absolute bargain. And I would also recommend the German version of Euphrat & Tigris which has much nicer graphics than the Mayfair version.