Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lent is well and truly over. Easter has been celebrated, and I consider myself free to buy games, books, CD's, DVD's - all those toys - again.

It was a good exercise - good for me to focus on the games already on my shelves and enjoy those without spending all my hobby time researching what to buy next. And it was good preparation for this autumn when I plan to leave my well-paid job at IBM and become a Masters student at London University. A year without game purchases can now be anticipated without too much anxiety.

Meanwhile, the fast has been broken with a purchase I have been holding off for a long time - poker chips! Finally decided that I really have to have these for 1825, Merchants of Venus, Acquire etc etc. I never thought I would be patronizing a site called (I hate gambling) but they were very helpful, sent me sample chips of two kinds - pricey NexGen chips and the cheaper 11.5 chips that have gold numbers hot-stamped on each side - and when these got lost in the post they promptly sent another sample. The cheaper chips (£1.50 for 25) looked fine to me, and the hot-stamped denomination is important to me, so I went for those, along with a bargain genuine alligator skin (simulated) case. Very pleased with them - can't wait to try a money game now!!

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