Thursday, April 19, 2007

Now We Are Six

Another year, another blog birthday! Six years on, this has become a habit. Some months I'm more enthused than others, but it's hard now to imagine life without this little public outlet. I enjoy talking about myself (who doesn't?), and it's always great to get some feedback in the comments section. It shows there are real readers out there (not just stats). I get a buzz every time a comment is posted - keep them coming! And I will try to write something worth commenting on. Is that a deal?


Phil said...

Happy Birthday to my most visited website!

It's been a pleasure reading about your antics. Helps me to have some kind of a context when we meet up, and makes me feel like I'm "in the loop" when we're too busy to.

6 more years! 6 more years!

Yehuda said...

How strange. Your blog seems to be getting older at the same rate that my blog is. I don't seem to be able to catch up to you.


SodakLady said...

From the title, I thought you'd had a baby! :) Anyway, happy blog birthday!

Jack said...

Congrats Peter!

I know how you feel about comments make me feel the same. I really ought to comment here more often :-)