Friday, April 20, 2007

Thursday game session

Last night's game session was at Janet's, so at her request we were looking for games at the friendlier end of the complexity spectrum.

First up was Les's Fearsome Floors, which turned out to be a bit of a brain-bender. It seemed to bring out the analysis-paralytic in all of us. Though the theme is fun, the actual game-play seemed rather dry and hard-work to me. Having finally played it, I'm pleased I traded my copy last year. Les won easily. Perhaps the fact that I did terribly didn't help me feel well-disposed to the game?

Next I introduced IceTowers. I've never played it before, but it was simplicity itself to explain. Everyone got into the game with gusto. The only problem was some clutzy tower-spilling incidents with 6-players all reaching at once to make an urgent move - it sometimes resembled Twister more than anything! Good fun, and Janet proved to be the clear champion after 3 rounds.

Finally we played Diamant, a fun little game which I enjoyed (and won - that always helps!)


Phil said...

Phil plays very few games.

If Phil loses a game the first time he plays it, he never plays it again.

How many games does Phil play?

Jack said...

My definition of a really good game is one where the first time I play I get utterly creamed - but still really like it.

Like most other people I like to win games, and I think winning a game gives me a favourable impression of it. So if I lose and still like it it must be good. Plus, if I lose the first time I play that implies a level of strategy where multiple plays will improve you ability (unless it's something chaotic).