Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I did some more boardgaming outreach last Saturday evening, playing Lord of the Rings at a dinner party thrown by my boss for his team. Let me hasten to add that I don't normally turn up to dinner parties with a game under my arm - I was asked to bring it along. What was weird was how well it went. We were never under any kind of threat at all and easily made it through Mordor with lots of spare room on the corruption track. Dash (our host) was disappointed after all he had heard about the difficulty of winning the game, and towards the end was actively trying to sabotage our chances to make it more interesting! Everyone enjoyed themselves, and although it was nearly midnight demand was still high for more gaming, so I pulled out Formula Motor Racing which I happened to have with me, which also went down very well. This game is a lot of fun, with many opportunities to do the dirty on people, and is very easy for neophytes to pick up. I won!


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