Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I went a bit crazy on game purchases last Friday. I had just received an unexpected cheque (just like Monopoly!) and decided to splurge it on games. So I rushed off to the Aldershot games shop after work and had a happy time choosing what to buy. I came away with three games:

Colossal Arena: This looks nice, and the game has a solid reputation that shows no sign of waning. Should be a good one for my next pub session with Les.

In the Shadow of the Emperor: Very impressive. Beautifully produced components, everything really nicely done - the board, the cards, the pieces, the rules, the tiles. They have been very restrained with the size of the box - this is a lot of game in a small package. Looking forward to playing this a lot.

Beowulf: I bought this on impulse without checking BoardGameGeek first. Got home after buying it and found a rather disappointing buzz there. Nevertheless, I'm hoping the initial comments are misleading, and that this will be another good gateway game for me (like Lord of the Rings has been), with its gorgeous graphics, simple mechanics, and strong story-line.



Chris Farrell said...

BGG is always a little indifferent to new Knizia releases, it seems to me. Not sure why. Rec.games.board was the same way, I remember the complete disinterest in Ra or Taj Mahal when they came out. Both of those were classics.

I downloaded the rules from FFG's site, and I think Beowulf looks really cool :) I'll be buying buying as soon as I see a copy somewhere.

Peter said...

Thanks Chris. Seeing as one of my main buying criteria is usually "What does Chris Farrell think of it?" I am feeling a little more relaxed about my purchase now!

william said...

Have you tried Shadows Over Camelot? It reminds me a lot of LOTR in its approach.