Thursday, September 22, 2005

Latest news on my so-called career

Today is a big day at work. A few months ago my previous employer XYZ decided to outsource my department to global IT giant ABC. Our jobs are being taken on by ABC India and I have spent the last few weeks handing over my knowledge to Vikas, a polite and intelligent DBA from Calcutta. Today is our first day as ABC employees. Lots of welcome and induction meetings planned over the next few days, and a shiny new laptop to play with. By November I expect to be working for some other ABC client at some other location - none of this is decided yet, so it's all a bit uncertain and I am aware that I am running at slightly higher stress levels than usual for me. But exciting too - I was getting a bit bored at XYZ and this move is a breath of fresh air for my working life.

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