Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Paraglider’s Prayer

For thousands of years Lord
People have dreamed of flying
Longing to soar in the windy sky

Thankyou for the privilege Lord
To fulfil this ancient dream
Floating in the company of birds

We don’t presume to ask Lord
For safety in freely chosen danger
But walk with us in grace as we launch

Give us courage and clear heads Lord
And whether at cloudbase or landing field
Thankful hearts that remember You


1 comment:

baz said...

Are you still flying?
I have about 6 hours since cp. My wifes still doing CP ( well shes stopped for Christmas ).
It seems to me that flying dhv2 wings in stronger gustier even questionable conditions multiplies if not squares the risks, Steve Phillips also had a bad crash at GD recently broke both legs,He also flew dhv2 wings. Saw him in a wheel chair at GD christmas bash.
I dont fly often but do enjoy flying coastal sites when its not to strong, had hour and a half air time in one day at Herne bay in august. Anyway all the best for Christmas and the new year.
Best reagrds