Monday, April 29, 2002

James ran John and me down to Olympia on Saturday for Salute 2002. We were like excited kids on a day out. 3000 nimrods crammed together in one building for a day! Here are some photos which give you an idea of what we were up against. The "View from the Balcony" is particularly worth a look as it features our very own John centre-frame, deep in conversation with someone.

It was primarily a figures wargaming event, but there were a few boardgame traders there. James and John spent quite a lot of money - James picked up This Accursed Civil War and John bought a large box of model trees. I had a very cheap day out as I sold three wargames from my loft at the Bring and Buy. I took home some 25mm cowboys ("Why?" you may ask) and Chrononauts (which I ran through last night - it is a stunning work of genius).

Got home tired but happy, only to be called by work with a crisis which I didn't resolve until 4am next morning - but that's another story.....

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